Byu application essay questions

A Journal of Mormon Scripture 5 Review of Rick Grunder. Discovering parallels is inherently an act of comparison.

Byu application essay questions

A Lengthening Shadow Despite the length of this article, the examples I address are still just a sample of a larger pool of mistakes I have noticed, all of which could be examined in the same way. Nevertheless, the instances discussed here are at least instructive, and others can add to my list as their own time and interests permit.

Together, the examples we consider will allow readers to reach their own assessment of the Byu application essay questions question posed by this paper. Although it facilitates expression to refer to well-known authors by name, this article is not a study of authors. It is a study of claims.

The only question is whether a given important claim is intellectually sound — and if it is not, the reasons it is not. That is the focus of this study.

Byu application essay questions

Terryl Givens and Patrick Mason: This absurdity is not what Givens and Mason intend, but it is what their interpretation of the verse logically entails. Such a statement is hardly unique to Joseph Smith, however. The Lord could have said the same and probably did regarding ancient prophets like Noah and Moses.

Far from encouraging his children at the time to be patient with these prophets e. Instead, it would have been something like: I will provide help along the way, but fundamentally your father is doing my will in patience and faith — not knowing all the answers — and so should you.

The scriptural record indicates that following each of them would have required patience and faith — not because they were mistaken, but precisely because they were right. Worldly elements rejected these prophets, and those who followed them risked exactly the same treatment.

This seems a common element in scriptural history: Far from suggesting we need to be patient with prophets, the passage tells us we need to be patient in enduring the worldly consequences of following prophets.

A recent example of this principle is evident in the reaction to certain remarks made by President Russell M. He spoke explicitly of the process through which the presiding councils of the Church receive revelation, and identified as revelation a specific decision made through this process regarding children in same-sex marriages 10 — a decision that did in fact result in public criticisms of the Church, which easily found high-profile coverage.

Russell Ballard are also interesting in this regard. He is the head of it. We know His will; we fight His battles. Unfortunately, Givens and Mason quote only a part of the passage they cite, and this leads them into error. It is worth asking since Mason fails to account for two large considerations in making this claim.

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The first is a question of mere plausibility, and the second is a question of what prophets and apostles themselves have said on this topic. Plausibility Think of the matter first from the standpoint of plausibility. Consider, to begin, Russell M.

Hinckley announcing from the pulpit that the Lord had just revealed to him the man who should be called as patriarch in a different but related stake — an account similar to examples shared by President Thomas S.Master’s of Business Administration degrees are the most relevant business and management education credential for professionals.

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