College music scholarships

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College music scholarships

While academic and athletic scholarships may have higher profiles, music scholarships are very lucrative, and more abundant than than you may think. There are scholarship programs dedicated to different musical disciplines, different performance styles, and different degrees of study.

The secret College music scholarships to know what you are looking for, and where to start looking.

Scholarships for Students of Music

There are three basic types of music scholarship to consider: Music performance Musicology Performance Scholarships The most popular scholarship path for music students is in the field of musical performance.

Many students can find scholarship devoted solely to their instrument of choice, and the money awarded can go a long way towards helping to pay for college.

While music scholarships are some of the more abundant financial aid programs dedicated to the creative arts, they are also highly competitive and students will be required to pass an audition process in addition to demonstrating a sound academic history.

To begin your search for a performance scholarship, look for programs devoted to your instrument of choice. For example, if you play violin you would search for 'violin scholarships'.

If you have already set your sights on a particular college, you might add the name of the school to your search criteria.

Show Off Your Talents: Go Head to Head with the Best in Large or Small Music Programs

Here are some examples of the kinds of scholarships you will be looking for: The National Trumpet Competition Award is granted annually in recognition of outstanding trumpet performance.

The Percussive Arts Society offers a number of grants and scholarships to drum and percussion students of all ages and at all levels of performance. Fender guitar manufacturers sponsor the Fender Guitar and Electric Bass Scholarship which is offered to guitar students attending Duquesne University.

Music Composition Scholarships Beyond the basic performance scholarship lies the music composition scholarship.

These programs are targeted for music students planning to study music theory and composition, as well as performance. Once again these are highly competitive, and a bit more scarce than the performance scholarship.

Some of the more notable scholarships for songwriters and composers include: John Lennon Scholarship is sponsored by BMI and Yoko Ono, and are open to students attending one of the participating colleges and universities.

Awards are given for the best original song composition. This award is given to a student with the best classical composition as decided by BMI's board of judges. These scholarships are administered through participating U. Musicology, or General Music Studies Scholarships General music scholarships, or musicology scholarships, are geared towards the student whose musical studies include performance, composition and music history.

These types of scholarships are particularly beneficial to students planning a career as a conductor, music teacher or music historian.Music Scholarships provides Free Music Scholarships, Grants, Competitions and Awards Resources for students preparing for an exciting career in music.

Our database of public and private Music Scholarships and competition awards for undergraduate/graduate school is . Scholarships are for students enrolled in undergraduate university/college music programs with preference given to those majoring in vocal music, although students of instrumental music .

Scholarship directory listing for Academic Major Music. Scholarship Title Amount Due Date; Aerosmith Scholarship: Varies: Varies: Against the Grain Artistic Scholarship.

College music scholarships

Questions about privately funded music scholarships should be directed to Ken Hatch at [email protected] Privately Funded Scholarships for Instrumentalists (Band, Keyboard, and Strings) The Da Capo Scholarship. Scholarship of up to $ for current undergraduate QUALIFICATIONS: Massachusetts resident who is an undergraduate currently enrolled in a four-year accredited college, university, or school of music, majoring in voice.

As an applicant to the college's full-time degree or diploma programs, you will automatically be considered for scholarships through the audition and interview process. The Aerosmith Scholarship is open to music business/management majors at Berklee College of Music.

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