Economic effect of 911 essay

Once hijacked, the attackers steered the plane towards the Pentagon where they slammed into the west side of the building, workplace to twenty four thousand people Schmemann. After learning about the other attacks, passengers on the fourth plane, United Airlines BoeingFlight 93, decided to take matter into their own hands. Fighting back, the passengers were able to steer the plane from its original target, Washington D.

Economic effect of 911 essay

The chaotic disaster was as a result of a series of four terrorist attacks from an Islamic sect of terrorist known as the Al-Qaeda.

The attacks left the country in a state of confusion and desolation. Many families were left inconsolable due to the losses they had suffered as a result of the terrorist bombings of that fateful day.

For this reason, the government went into a period of re-organization of strategies of dealing with terrorism as a number one priority in the country so as to avoid such a tragedy again in future.

Essay: The Tragic Effects of 9/11

This led to the formation of the Homeland Security Economic effect of 911 essay to fight the war on terrorism.

The country was now in high alert of any suspicious behaviour that may arise in public places and this constituted to security being tightened in specific public areas that are regarded as outlets and inlets to the country such as air ports Pyszczynski, All in all, the country went through a shift in perspective as regarding to terrorism and how to handle and prevent future occurrences as such.

September 11, is remembered as a day of great loss and mourning for the United States of America. On this tragic day, about nineteen members of an Islamic extremist group known as Al-Qaeda planned and executed co-ordinated attacks on American soil by hijacking four planes through which they hit specific spots in the country.

Among the four points of attack were the twin towers of the World Trade Centre in New York City, the Pentagon building that is situated right outside of Washington DC and the final crash occurred in a field in Pennsylvania.

The sequel of attacks began when around 8. Such impact caused hundreds of people to lose their lives on the spot and left a lot more trapped in the tower as a result of the chaos.

As if that was not enough, around 18 minutes later, a second plane namely, the United Airlines Flight appeared in the sky just in time to turn course and head directly into the South tower of the building through the 60th floor also resulting in instant deaths and more injured and trapped in the building.

About policemen and firefighters were killed in the midst of the chaos.

Economic effect of 911 essay

The tragic event left over 3, people dead and many more injured. There was an outcry in the country that put the Government into immediate action in handling the situation not only for the sake of bringing back peace and security for its citizens but also for preventive measures to avoid such a scenario from occurring again in future.

The Government, which was under the leadership of former President George W.


Bush, plunged into action through initiatives that were designed to fight the war against terrorism in the country Landau, The cause of the tragedy can simply be traced back to Islamic extremists who had for the longest time held a score to settle with the United States of America Burleigh, The group which consisted mainly of Saudi Arabian nationals as well as others from one or two more Arabian countries were purportedly being funded by the leader of the Islamic extremist group, Osama Bin Laden.

The group also held a grudge against the country since the Government was yet to remove United States military from countries in the Arab world such as Iraq. The attacks were carefully planned and executed by the 19 terrorists as they smuggled in box cutters and knives into the planes.

Secondly, the terrorists had targeted planes in California headed to New York and other places in the country with the full knowledge that such passenger planes were fully loaded with thousands of gallons of fuel which would go a long way in making their plans successful.

The consequences of the terror attacks were brutal and took a toll on the people of the United States of America in lives lost and properties worth fortunes destroyed. The terrorists not only took the lives of the innocent passengers on the planes, but innocent people on the ground who were minding their own business in the course of living their normal lives.

Economic effect of 911 essay

As the American Airlines Flight 77 circled and eventually crashed into the west side of the Pentagon, which is the United States military headquarters, it led to military officers plus civilians losing their lives not to mention the 64 innocent passengers on the flight.

The tragedy was not only felt in the country alone, but people worldwide were left in anguish as a result of the tragic event and the great loss felt as a consequence. The aftermath of the terror attacks left the country in a state of turmoil.

The society more disrupted than ever as the lack of confidence in the government and law enforcement was at an all-time low. Due to the losses incurred both of lost ones gone and properties and investments destroyed, the use and distribution of narcotics was also on the rise in states such as New York.

In addition to this the economic state of the country was not doing so well as budget cuts had to be made in several government and state departments including hospitals and schools and debts incurred so as to fund the rising initiatives from the government to combat terrorism Kondrasuk, The legislations were mainly focused on combating terrorism within the country.

Policies on visa issuance were taken a notch higher in security which made issuance of visas a difficult task especially to Arab countries in the Middle East such as Pakistan Makinen, Deportations also became a rampant occurrence as any immigrant identified to associate with a known terrorist or noted to have dealings of a suspicious nature were deported back to their home countries.

After two months of bloodshed, the Taliban regime lost operational power although the war stretched on and is still experienced to this day.

In May 2,Osama Bin Laden was finally captured and executed and about a month later, the then President, Barrack Obama, announced the commencement of troop withdraws from Afghanistan on a large scale. The attacks were four in total which were carefully co-ordinated to hit specific points in the country which included the twin towers of the World Trade Centre, the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania.

The aftermath of the attacks left the country in a state of confusion, fear and great tragic loss of lives and destruction of properties worth millions of dollars. Due to the tragic event, the country has heightened the level of security through enactment and enforcement of several laws in combating terrorism as well as the establishment of government departments such as Homeland Security which is mainly designed to handle and crack down terrorism in the country to avoid such calamities from occurring again in future.

Rising above the terror. Deliver us from evil: Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 30 9The Effects of 9/11 on the US Economy: An Assessment Essay Sample. The terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11, signaled a turning point in US history.

Effect of 9/11/01 on Aviation Essay Words | 5 Pages September 11, is a day that will forever live in infamy inside the hearts and minds of American citizens. The 9/11 attacks had both immediate and long-term economic impacts, some of which continue to this day.

The attacks caused the Dow to drop more than points and the recession to deepen. The direct economic costs are shorter-term in nature and include the destruction of life and property, responses from emergency services providers, restoration of systems and infrastructure, and.

The Effects of September 11 on US Economy - The Effects of September 11 on US Economy Since the horrific attacks on the United States on Sept 11th, the nation’s economy has greatly dropped into a recession, although the economy was already in trouble before Sept.

11th. The attacks of 9/11 additionally affected the health of millions, most of which suffered from serious health problems.

Post-traumatic stress was the biggest effect (9/11 Health). Four times the rate was found in people affected.

Essay: The Tragic Effects of 9/11