Enterprise architecture essay

This assignment specifically addresses the following course outcomes: The organization discussed in the case study has many issues with its current environment and many changes that it wants to make. It has not established an EA program yet. The purpose of your paper is to briefly explain what an EA program is, and then justify a recommendation to establish an EA program for the organization.

Enterprise architecture essay

The technology perspective provides a logical, vendor-independent description of infrastructure and system components that are necessary to support the application and information perspectives.

It defines the set of technology standards and services needed to execute the business mission. Although there can be many perspectives, there is only one enterprise Enterprise architecture essay that the perspectives view.

The value of the enterprise architecture is not in any one individual perspective, but in the relationships, interactions, and dependencies among perspectives. While all the perspectives are key elements of the enterprise architecture, this document will focus on the application and technology perspectives.

Application and Technology Architecture The functional requirements of a software system describe the business value that the software delivers. For a weather service, a functional requirement might be stated as "given a well-formed message A as input, the service will return a message B correct for the time span and geographic location represented in message A.

It describes the structure of an application and how that structure implements the functional requirements of the organization. Whilst there should ideally be one application architecture in an organization, in practice there are typically many different application architectures.

The operational requirements of a software system define the reliability, manageability, performance, security, and interoperability requirements of the software to list just a few.

Common examples might be that the service is only available to authorized subscribers, and that the service be functioning properly A technology architecture is the architecture of the hardware and software infrastructure that supports the organization and implements the operational or non functional requirements, particularly the application and information architectures of the organization.

It describes the structure and inter-relationships of the technologies used, and how those technologies support the operational requirements of the organization. A good technology architecture can provide security, availability, and reliability, and can support a variety of other operational requirements, but if the application is not designed to take advantage of the characteristics of the technology architecture, it can still perform poorly or be difficult to deploy and operate.

Similarly, a well-designed application structure that matches business process requirements precisely—and has been constructed from reusable software components using the latest technology—may map poorly to an actual technology configuration, with servers inappropriately configured to support the application components and network hardware settings unable to support information flow.

This shows that there is a relationship between the application architecture and the technology architecture: Relationships between architectures Conceptual, Logical, and Physical Views For all architectural perspectives there are various views of the architecture that are often classified as conceptual, logical, and physical views.

Enterprise architecture essay

Conceptual views are the most abstract and tend to be described in terms that are most familiar to the non-IT professional users of the system.

Logical views show the main functional components and their relationships within a system independently of the technical details of how the functionality is implemented.

Architects create application models, which are logical views of the business model, as they determine how to meet business objectives and requirements.

The application models represent the logical view of the architecture for an application. Physical views are the least abstract and illustrate the specific implementation components and their relationships.

Enterprise architecture essay

Each of the elements in the physical view is implemented, normally by a design and development process, as a software or hardware system. This implementation view is normally owned by the development or operations organizations within an organization and so is outside the scope of this document. Architectural views There can be and indeed, normally are multiple views at each architectural level; for example, there is normally a logical application architecture view per application.

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These views are driven by sets of requirements and in turn generate input into design, development, setup, and operational processes and systems. Architectural views and patterns The remainder of this guide will focus on application and technology architectures, their concepts and key patterns for construction of service-based applications that exploit the emerging technology of Web services.

The implementation area, including design, development, setup, deployment, and administration, while of vital importance in the overall system generation, is outside the scope of this document.

Application Architecture As previously discussed, the application architecture provides three views: These views are used by architects to generate models within organizations that support and meet their business requirements.Enterprise Systems Architecture. Enterprise Systems Architecture One of the most difficult aspects of working with enterprise architectures is that these systems continue to grow increasingly complex, and this complexity carries with it some problems of its own.

Information architecture is the means of providing a structured description of an enterprise’s information, the relationship of this information to business requirements and processes, applications and technology, and the processes and rules which govern it.”.

Evaluate the total cost of ownership and return on investment for enterprise architecture alternatives Use technology and information resources to research issues in enterprise architecture.

Write clearly and concisely about enterprise architecture topics using . Enterprise Architecture as Strategy Technology is shifting at a faster rate resulting in development of new methods that assist in completion of certain technological demand. This has given birth to different enterprise architecture frameworks that fulfill the requirements of day-to-day activities.

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on page and then answer the following questions. What are the key components of the architecture American Express has created?

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