Essays on heaven and hell

Heaven and Hell are merely states of being that are transitory to the soul for the purpose of development and the elevation of consciousness. Modern day organized religions such as Catholicism, Islam, Baptist, Church of Christ, Mormons, and many other protestant religions teach as one of the main points of their doctrine the belief in a place of eternal reward called, Heaven, and a place of eternal punishment called, Hell. Hell is reserved for those outside of the household of faith, which is anyone who has not confessed that Jesus Christ is the son of God, or at least accepted this idea as fact in their heart.

Essays on heaven and hell

And over the past few months as we now approach the final lap of this Harry Potter marathon, the media is becoming obsessed with this question as well.

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And whilst this writer certainly holds her own opinion, if we are to attempt to uncover the likely outcome of the saga, it seems that there is a need to further investigate this theme of death that no doubt is crucial to the series and what it could mean for the fate of the series' main characters.

The place where this recent media frenzy seems to have started was J. Rowling's appearance on the U. Not only did she create immense speculation over the fate of many characters, she also talked about death more generally, agreeing that it was a major theme within the books.

Certainly we have already seen the effects of death at work. The death of a main character has been the central turning point of the climax of the last three novels. Even prior to this, Harry had felt the effects of loss, through the death of his parents.

We can observe right from the very beginning of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone the effect that having lost his parents is going to have on his life: However, throughout the books Harry's parents continue to maintain a presence in his life.

Their presence is felt not only through what Harry learns about them from other characters, but from other magical encounters, such as the echoes that appear in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire during Harry's battle with Voldemort or the image of his parents that Harry sees in the Mirror of Erised in the very first book.

Yet these encounters are only fleeting. Yet through the years, Lily and James maintain a presence within the stories.

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Harry often has a strong motivation to live up to his parents, making them proud of him, despite their absence. We can see this in seemingly light-hearted instances, such as Harry's determination to take after his father in his skills as a Quidditch player.

We can also see Harry's connection to his parents in a more significant way, such as in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, when Harry stops Lupin and Black from killing Pettigrew because he feels that was what his father would have wanted. Another significant feature in this book is Harry's Patronus, which takes the shape of a stag, James's Animagus form.

This shows that even though Harry never really knew his father, the idea of him is what gives Harry his protection from the Dementors. This seems to show that whilst Harry's parents are gone, they are certainly not forgotten. Though no spell can reawaken the dead, is it possible that the presence they have is due to their living on, not only in the memories of the living, but in another life?

As readers we have come to learn so much about them, and are so frequently reminded of them, that it would seem unfair not to properly meet them and have Harry communicate with them.

Could Harry's world have an afterlife where we could finally meet these characters? Basic Christian teachings acknowledge a belief in life after death. Whilst the body dies and decays, the soul, which at death is separated from the body, is transcended to another place, which many refer to as Heaven.

If we link this back to Harry Potter we can see that at least one of these ideas already exists in the books: This is most evident when talking about Horcruxes.

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The very concept of the Horcrux is to remove part of your soul and place it into another separate entity, so that even if your body were to die, you would still continue to live on earth, unharmed in some form. This very act would suggest that it is entirely possible for the body and soul to be separated.

And since any of his Horcruxes would ensure Voldemort's survival, it means that we can make the assumption that, in the series, the body is regarded as a vessel for the soul which contains the true essence of a person.

If we accept these facts, then a new question needs to be asked of the Harry Potter world. What happens to your soul when the body dies? The Judeo-Christian concept would argue that when your body dies your soul leaves this vessel, and transcends to the afterlife.

The same idea could be true in the Harry Potter series, as evidence suggests.

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As Dumbledore's body is burnt, out of the flames rises the shape of a phoenix. Some readers took this as a clue and speculated that Dumbledore was not in fact dead and would rise again, out of the ashes like a phoenix.Free Heaven in The Great Divorce Essays for students.

Essays on heaven and hell

Use papers to help you. Heaven in The Great Divorce Essay Examples & Outline. Are you in High School, College, of what the writer believed to the representative of the real scenarios surrounding the debate of the reality of hell or heaven (Hart, 55).

This book. Read this Religion Essay and over 88, other research documents. Heaven and Hell. Heaven and Hell Everyone has a soul. Every soul has a destiny.

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Essays on heaven and hell
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