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Major scale pattern on a diatonic hammered dulcimer tuned in 5ths. An early version of the hammered dulcimer accompanied by luthe, tambourine and bagpipe.

Fel thesis

Injust one year after proclamation of the Independence, the princes Carol I has received two documents from a Japanese prince, one written with Latin letters romanjianother one written with ideograms.

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These two documents contained, among other texts, tanka poems. To translate them, the young sovereign has resorted to Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu, world famous scientist, at that time director of states archives. Thus, the prince of Romania, which was proclaimed king laterwas the first tanka Romanian reader directly from Japan.

In is the year when establish diplomatic relations between Romania and thereafter held numerous conferences on Japanese civilization in which speakers refer often to the traditional Japanese poetry, especially tanka.

Also in the first half of the 20th century, among — appeared scores of travel books written by the Romanian people who visited Japan. In some of these books there are chapters dedicated integral to tanka poems and their content is read today with the same interest.

Fel thesis

The translator, George Voevdica, himself a poet adapts Japanese poetry to the western poetry. So, in this translation tanka poems have rhythm, rhyme and titles: Clouds, Smiling death, Life, In vain, A girl say.

This appearance in time of war was possible because Romania and Japan was part of the same alliance. Selection and translation from French belongs to Al. Stamatiad, a known symbolist poet, who was received for translations of Japanese literature prize of the Romanian Academy.

After a hiatus caused by the political atmosphere in Romania, in the decade appear three large anthologies translated from German.

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Its editor Florin Vasiliu promoted in the same time haiku, tanka and the poem in a line, the last one being a solely Romanian creative. The book was published by the author in in Munich, Germany. Up to the present is the single Romanian organization that has in its title the word tanka.

Over several years the founder of this organization became the best known poet of tanka and renku in Romania. In the last years Romanian poets of tanka began to be known abroad.

Over three years, at the fifth edition of this prestigious competition the Romanian poet received the first prize for the following tanka: The birds of passage.Formatting Citations. Basics. JACoW is using a reference style that is based on “IEEE Transactions, Journals, and Letters” (IEEEtran) [1].

These are the recommendations for citations/references (see ANNEX B [2). The Physics and Astronomy Department at UCL is located in the heart of the historical area of Bloomsbury. Scientific research and study has been a strong feature of UCL since its inception in and the Department is one of the top rated Physics departments in the country and the world.

The Planetary and Space Science Centre (PASSC) opened in April, and was the first facility of its kind in Canada. World leaders decided in Copenhagen that global warming should be limited to 2 degrees Celsius. Achieving that target, though, would take nothing less than a miracle.

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Fel thesis
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