Japan an island country essay

History of Japan The earliest records on Japan are from Chinese documents.

Japan an island country essay

Christianity was introduced to Japan by St. Francis Xavier inand made marvelous progress after his death. Until there was open expansion in the Pacific. Then, inwhen there wereCatholics in Japan, a persecution began. Jesuit and Franciscan missionaries were crucified and others expelled from Japan by Emperor Tagosama, absolute ruler of Japan, who obliged his subjects to adore him as a god.

Many missionaries, however, remained in Japan in disguise. Detail from the Monument to the 26 Martyrs in Nagasaki, Japan After political revolutions, another persecution started in The news spread that all Catholics found in churches or harboring missionaries would be imprisoned.

The Martyrs of Japan, Saint of February 5

This raised such enthusiasm among the Catholics for martyrdom that the idolaters themselves were in admiration. The first to give the example of martyrdom was a General of the Army, Okondono. While he was at the house of his friend, the King of Bungo, he received the news of the edict and headed to the house of Fr.

Nheke, a highly respected and virtuous Jesuit missionary, in order to die with him. Even a relative of the Emperor, who had received three kingdoms from Tagosama, came out to join the missionaries in order to not lose the opportunity of dying with them.

Even the father, age 80, who had received Baptism a short while before, refused to flee. He remained, saying that he would die for Christ, but carrying his weapons as befitting an old soldier.

A man who had cowardly abandoned the Faith tried to convince his son to do the same. He found, however, unexpected resistance in the boy. The youth told his father to be a man of honor and offer good example to his son.

Japan an island country essay

You should return to the worship of the true God, whom you so cowardly renounced. You can do whatever you please. But as for me, there is no law obliging a son to imitate the perfidy of his father. On the way up the hill, a man tempted the youngest boy Louis Ibaragi, age 12, to renounce his faith.

The martyrs were raised on crosses and then pierced through with spears. Fromthe persecution spread at the instigation of the Protestants of Holland and England, who assumed in this way the role of Judas that they have often played against Catholics throughout the world.

To eliminate the competition of the Portuguese and Spanish in their commercial relations with Japan, they encouraged the Emperor and the nobles to declare a war of extermination on all the Catholics in the Empire. A new wave of martyrs crowned the Church in Japan.

Among them was Juliahota, a Korean illustrious by birth and virtue. She was very esteemed and favored by Prince Kubosama, who desired to marry her. When she saw the persecution coming, she made the vow of perpetual chastity to attract graces from Our Lord.

The Prince, offended by this gesture, sent her and two companions — Lucia and Clara — to a faraway fishing village. There they remained for 40 years, abandoned by man but granted many celestial favors.Japan is an island country located in eastern Asia.

It is a small country compared to the other countries in the mainland. Despite its size and location, it is a very developed country. Japan is known for its geography, climate, religion, food and mostly for its popular culture that has influenced. The Mongol invasions of Japan (元寇, Genkō), which took place in and , were major military efforts undertaken by Kublai Khan to conquer the Japanese archipelago after the submission of Goryeo to benjaminpohle.comtely a failure, the invasion attempts are of macro-historical importance because they set a limit on Mongol expansion and rank as nation-defining events in the history of Japan.

Japan Geographical Setting Japan is an island country in the North Pacific Ocean. Many lakes nestle among the Japanese mountains. Two Pacific Ocean currents--the Japan Current and the Oyashio Current--influence Japan's climate. Free Essay: Japanese culture The small island country of Japan is rich in a culture that has developed over thousands of years.

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