Man and machines essay writer

Controversial Essay on Man and Machines for school students Article shared by This is an age of machine. Machine has acquired a high priority in the modern era. It has come to occupy a place of major importance in the life of man.

Man and machines essay writer

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It was difficult for him even to get the basic necessities of life. He had a very tough time working like a machine without any leisure or pleasure. The twentieth century was the age of science or the age of machines.

man and machines essay writer

After Industrial Revolution, man has got a large number of machines at his beck and call. Machines have given him rest, comfort and all the facilities of life. Long distances are covered in a matter of seconds; mass production of things of daily use with the help of automatic machines has relieved man of a lot of drudgery and labour.

Science has conquered time and space. Telephone, telegram and wireless have made communication easy and smooth. Distance today stands conquered and beaten.

man and machines essay writer

Fast moving vehicles like aeroplanes, superfast trains and jets carry people from one corner of the world to another in no time. Printing has made it easy for man to convey ideas from one generation to another. Man, today, seeks the help of machines for all his activities.

He cannot live without machines. In fact, he has become a slave to them. Early in the morning, an alarm clock wakes him up. An electric kettle gives him a cup of tea. He used a blade, produced in a big factory, for shaving his face. A geyser prepares the hot bath for him. A washing machine washes his clothes.

The cooking range, the pressure cooker and several other kitchen appliances prepare his food. A bus, a car, or a train carries him to his office. Even at his office, the type-writer writes for him; he used the telephone and the teleprinter to convey his ideas across long distances.

He talks to his colleagues and subordinates over the inter-com. Machines produced his good which are carried in trucks to the market. When he goes back home in the evening, the television relaxes him ; the air conditioner cools his room, and the sweet lullabies from a two-in-one lull him to the machines are his masters.

He has forgotten the spiritual and moral aspects of life. He has simply chosen to be a machine in this dull materialists world. Man, today, has become too much money minded.Man is a machine no doubt.

He is a marvelous piece of work. The only difference is that man has got life and consciousness which machines don’t have. The machines are time-saving devices. They increase man’s life and, if properly used, they add comfort to man’s life.

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