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It dates back at least 3, years, and it was adopted and spread by the ancient Persian religion of Zoroastrianism, which the holiday is today often linked with. Nowruz is a celebration of rebirth and renewal, of the end of winter and the flowering of the Earth that warm weather portends. We start by discussing the history of Nowruz, before proceeding country by country: Newroz festivities in the Iranian Kurdish town of Palangan.

Nowruz essay help

Recently, Nowruz, or the Persian New Year, is a topic that has specifically come up since its celebration is approaching. Nowruz marks the beginning of the New Year according to the solar hijri calendar, the official calendar in Iran, and occurs with the vernal equinox.

Since then, Nowruz has undergone numerous developments and changes, and as Mostafa explained, especially the way it is practiced in Australia among Iranian students and immigrants in the local community.

nowruz essay help

One of the main cultural practices associated with Nowruz, Mostafa explained, is the haft sin. Below is an example Mostafa showed me of what this table can look like, from the Wollongong Persian community. Mostafa told me it was another tradition associated with Nowruz: A person opens the book randomly, and it is then handed over to a friend to read out the poem that appears on the page.

However, it is believed that the poem chosen and read in this manner reveals something about the first person, either their character or future. Another interesting feature of Nowruz that Mostafa described was Hajji Firuz: Hajji Firuz dates back to the Sumerian myth of Inanna in the Underworld.

Inanna, the goddess of vegetation and life, went missing in the Underworld, causing life on earth to become arid. The gods told a shepherd to go down and rescue Inanna. This is the mythological basis for Hajji Firuz being covered in soot a mark of his time in the land of the deadand his bright clothing is a sign of the return of life to the earth.

Mostafa told me that when he was a child in Iran, people — usually the homeless — dressed up as Hajji Firuz around Nowruz and did street performances for donations. In the space of twenty years and the growth of a diaspora, street performers have been transformed into dolls for children and display.

Nowruz is not alone, however, in being a religious and cultural celebration that has survived and evolved for millennia, as many different religious communities have begun to appropriate innovative technologies and contemporary trends into their practice; the rise of online religious communities among many different traditions is especially indicative of this.

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Like all of these celebrations, Nowruz has continually undergone changes and manifested in newer and newer ways. Such manifestations are only natural since religious belief and practice is hardly ever truly static.

Whenever people find themselves in a new environment and they carry their religious beliefs and practices with them, new avenues for expression are needed. These new avenues are not like the old; therefore, their religious expressions become slightly altered.

Colloquially, however, it also doubles as an opportunity for men to showcase their prowess and daring by jumping over large fires. Mostafa told me that when you jump you chant: Photographs Courtesy of Mostafa Azizpour Shoobie His doctoral work revolves around the study of changes in Australian attitudes toward religion in the twentieth century through an analysis of burial practices and Sabbatarianism.Mar 21,  · The following is a photo essay by Behrad Nafissi Mistry.

Born into the caste of Zoroastrian priests, Behrad is half Indian Parsi, half Iranian . Mar 21,  · While many recognize that Nowruz, which coincides with the Spring Equinox, has roots in Zoroastrianism, very few know how Zoroastrians celebrate this holiday in parts of Iran Post The following is a photo essay by Behrad Nafissi Mistry.

Born into the caste of Zoroastrian priests, Behrad is half Indian Parsi, .

nowruz essay help

The Persians have always celebrated the new year at Spring Equinox with the wonderful holiday of Nowruz (pronounced NO-ROOZ). And in some way, you might say, Nowruz was the start of my career as a calendar priestess.

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It was the first new holiday I adopted and made my own, back when I was a college student. I found a. Nowruz: Origins and Rituals Introduction The oldest of Iranian traditions, (also referred to as Nowruz eyd-i sar-i sal and eyd-i sal-i now) recalls the cosmological and mythological times of Iran.

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What is Norouz (Iranian / Persian New Year)? Hello everyone, happy Persian New Year (Norouz) to all of you! As you probably know, we are approaching the Persian New Year, which is called Norouz.

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