Socrates and virtue essay example

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access Socrates and Ethics Essay Sample Ethics generally means to be able to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong.

Socrates and virtue essay example

Socrates was a man following a path he felt that the gods had wanted him to follow and made no excuses for his life and they way he lived it. To prove this, the paper is organized into four sections. In the first section, I will give the key passage, along with some textual context to give background details.

In the third section, I will provide a detailed analysis meaning and arguments of my key passage and in the fourth section; I will explain the meaning of three passages that support the key passage of the paper.

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However, before we can move any further into this process, I will present my key passage on which this paper is based. I shall question him and cross-examine him and test him.

If I think that he has not attained excellence, though he says that he has, I shall reproach Socrates and virtue essay example for undervaluing the most valuable things, and overvaluing those things that are less valuable.

This I shall do to everyone whom I meet, young or old, citizen or stranger, but especially to citizens, since they are more closely related to me. This, you must recognize, the god has commanded me to do. And I think that no greater good has ever befallen you in the state than my service to the god.

For I spend my whole life in going about and persuading you all to give your first and greatest care to the improvement of your souls, and not till you have done that to think of your bodies or your wealth.

Socrates and virtue essay example

And I tell you that wealth does not bring excellence, but that wealth and every other good thing which men have, whether in public or in private, come from excellence. The charges they have brought against Socrates are for corrupting the youth and worshipping gods other than the ones all other Athenians worshipped at that time in Ancient Greece.

This passage is one of many times that Socrates brings to light the fact that what he has been doing by going around questioning people about their beliefs is commanded by the gods and that he should not be put to death for doing what has been asked of him.

Socrates presents many times that what he is doing in trying to get people to not just question what they believe, but to work on the improvement of their souls. Once a person has done this then they can concern themselves with other matters.

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Stating that you first turn your attention inward and then outward to the larger society could sum up the general message of Socrates. While he does not explicitly say this one could reasonably interpret from Socrates defense that he believes the reason for the charges that have been brought up against him are due to a lack of understanding by the Athenian public of his mission and purpose as well as the authority he has to do it.

This is what he is attempting to do in this passage, explain what he has been doing and that the god of all Athenians commanded him to do this work and that he has done nothing wrong. According to Baird and Kaufmann Plato probably first began following Socrates sometimes in his twenties, though one cannot be sure of the exact date 4.

The Apology, along with Crito, are just a number of texts written by Plato on the teachings and beliefs held by Socrates. The time of Socrates trial was around B. The charges against Socrates were corruption of the youth and worshipping some other god rather than the ones commonly held to be believed in by other Athenians.

By this very fact they were looking for someone to blame for their problems and Socrates was an excellent choice. Then the charges brought against Socrates and his trial were a course of action that the Athenians could see nothing wrong with at that time.

Socrates was definitely a man before his time. Socrates was placed on trial for the questioning he did of others because he was pushing people in their long-held beliefs, which probably gave rise to fear.

Even though Socrates felt justified in his actions many did not hold that same theory. There are very few people that when pushed into why they believe what they do can generally come up with a concrete answer as to why they believe that way.

In my opinion, much of what people believe in is based on tradition; either from your own family or culturally and many times occurs as a combination of both.

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It was this writing that caused Plato to formulate his own views in an attempt to answer some of the questions that Socrates had posed along the way May Regardless of which Socrates is speaking the message however is the same in that excellence can be found in virtue over any other thing a person may possess.

In addition, Socrates did not do any writing himself so all we have to go on is what Plato presented to us in his various texts. Our character Socrates feels that people should be more concerned with the perfecting their souls more than anything else in their life. He believes that in his quest to help people find their way he is actually doing as the gods dictated.

Socrates believes that it is really the gods that are wise and humans do not possess any wisdom. He believes that the best a human can do is to work on improving their souls and it is through this action that a person can achieve a life of excellence.Socrates philosophy essay.

Home \ Free Essay Sample Papers \ Moreover, he steadily refers to examples concerning stories related to gods, which he believes to be inconsistent and incredible, whereas Euthyphro draws more and more examples of stories concerning gods, which he believes prove his position as being inspired by gods.

Nicomachean Ethics: Friendship, Virtue and Happiness Essay examples Words | 4 Pages. friendship with that of happiness and virtue, which we discussed previously is the most necessary part of a happy life. Aristotle describes happiness by saying “happiness is most choiceworthy of all the goods (b).” Essay about Socrates.

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Socrates and virtue essay example

Excellence in Virtue introduction “Socrates’ positive influence touches us even today” (May 6) and we can learn a great deal about him from one of his students, Plato. Virtue is knowledge and knowledge is virtue. There are two claims which help make sense on the claim of Socrates that knowledge is virtue.

These are those which relate to the understanding of what is good and how it gives people advantage, and what is evil and how creates harm to people. According to Socrates, virtue is absolutely necessary for perfect happiness because virtue brings a type of happiness that other things could never bring.

In this paper, I will explain the aforementioned idea of Socrates on virtue and happiness and through evidence from Plato's Apology which is one of the few written records of Socrates' views.

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