The ballad of the sad cafe english literature essay

The Dichotomy of Myth and Reality 2. Carson McCullers and the Southern Myth 2.

The ballad of the sad cafe english literature essay

McCullers depicts love as a force, often strong enough to change people's attitudes and behaviors. Yet, the author seems to say, if the love is unrequited, individuals, having lost their motivation to change, will revert back to their true selves.

The allure of the different characters, which is never revealed by the author, seems to indicate that feelings of love and attraction are not necessarily reasonable or understandable to others.

Miss Amelia is self-reliant, outspoken and very much a loner.

The ballad of the sad cafe english literature essay

She stands six foot one inch tall and has a strong, masculine build. Her grey eyes are crossed, and the rest of her features are equally unattractive. Yet, the people of the small, southern town of Cheehaw accept her quirkiness because of the equisite wine that she sells in her store and for her free doctoring and homemade remedies.

Still, everyone is shocked when the handsome outlaw, Marvin Macy, falls in love with her. Marvin is a "bold, fearless, and cruel" man who changes his unlawful ways to win Miss Amelia's love.

Rather than robbing houses he begins attending church services on Sunday mornings. In an effort to court Miss Amelia, he learns proper etiquette, such as "rising and giving his chair to a lady, and abstaining from swearing and fighting".

Two years after Marvin's reformation, he asks Miss Amelia to marry him. Miss Amelia does not love him but agrees to the marriage in order to satisfy her great-aunt. Once married, Miss Amelia is very aloof towards her husband and refuses to engage in marital relations with him.

After ten days, Miss Amelia ends the marriage because she finds that she is unable to generate any positive feelings for Marvin.

Just as love had changed Marvin, so too did it change Miss Amelia. In the mid 's, several years after Miss Amelia's divorce, Lymon, a hunchback, comes to Miss Amelia claiming to be a distant cousin.

She readily provides Cousin Lymon with food and board, and eventually any material object that he desires. The people of the town grow very curious of her new guest and of Miss Amelia's hospitality towards Lymon which is contrary to her characteristic untrusting and remote ways.

The townspeople gather in her store one evening to meet Cousin Lymon. Unlike Miss Amelia, Cousin Lymon is very sociable and enjoys entertaining the townsfolk with his patently tall tales.

In a short period of time, Miss Amelia's store is converted into a cafe where people gather for food, drink, and gossip. They would discuss Miss Amelia's love for Cousin Lymon, indicating that they thought love between cousins is forbidden and incestuous.

Her changed behavior, in Lymon's presence, preoccupied and baffled them. Ever since Cousin Lymon's appearance, Miss Amelia would regularly wear a red dress that had been worn exclusively on Sundays.

They also noted that, before he arrived, she would only leave her house to go to church or to pick up supplies for her store. While, when Cousin Lymon moves in, realizing that he loves to travel, she would often drive with him into the city and go to see "movie-flicks" with him.

Before the story ends, Marvin Macy is released from prison and returns to Cheehaw. Cousin Lymon, unaware of Miss Amelia's short- lived marriage to the criminal is fascinated by Marvin's adventurous life.

He leaves Miss Amelia, never having returned her love, to travel with Marvin. Broken-hearted, Miss Amelia returns to her original reclusive style of living. None of the three characters are portrayed as particularly appealing people, yet they were loved.Save $15 when you purchase both McCullers volumes in a deluxe boxed set.

As a novelist, Carson McCullers created such classics of Southern literature as The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter and The Ballad of the Sad she began her career writing short stories, and never stopped.

The novella "The Ballad of the Sad Cafe" is a Southern Gothic work with eccentric, lonely characters in a rundown Georgia town. Miss Amelia Evans is a six foot two inch rugged woman. She's the owner of a general store, and does a bit of healing with herbs on the side to help the townspeople.4/5().

Context. Carson McCullers was born Carson Smith in , in Columbia, Georgia. She studied at Columbia and New York universities and at the Julliard school in the late s before marrying James Reeves McCullers in , who was a corporal in the U.S.

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C minor and others. In conclusion, The Ballad of Sad Café by Carson McCullers is an engaging and interesting novella with eccentric characters like Cousin Lymon who loves to live life to the fullest. He adores being the center of attention and is a character that enjoys setting up individuals into fights.

Carson McCullers was born in Columbus, Georgia, as Lula Carson Smith on February 19, , the first born of Lamar and Marguerite Waters Smith. Though she moved from the South in and only returned for visits, most of her writing was inspired by her southern heritage.

The Ballad FROM THE Sad Cafe British Literature Essay