The violent earthquakes

Share Shares 53 This list is in chronological order and is neither exhaustive nor definitive; it describes events where there is plenty of historic evidence and research rather than for magnitude size or human loss. Where possible I have used the Moment Magnitude scale MMS to give a destructive measure with seismic maps from Wikipedia; where no seismic map is available a general map of the area has been used. I have used various geology resources to update my own knowledge of specifics as it was 10 years out of date. Historic earthquakes are actually very important to determine the likelihood of a massive natural disaster occurring in the same region again and under what sort of timeframe.

The violent earthquakes


Call Us - How do hurricanes form? The atmosphere the air must cool off very quickly the higher you go. Also, the wind must be blowing in the same direction and at the same speed to force air upward from the ocean surface. Winds flow outward above the storm allowing the air below to rise.

Hurricanes typically form between 5 to 15 degrees latitude north and south of the equator. The Coriolis Force is needed to create the spin in the hurricane and it becomes too weak near the equator, so hurricanes can never form there. What is storm surge? Storm surges are frequently the most devastating element of a hurricane.

This mound of water becomes dangerous when the storm reaches land because it causes flooding along the coast. The water piles up, unable to escape anywhere but on land as the storm carries it landward. A hurricane will cause more storm surge in areas where the ocean floor slopes gradually.

This causes major flooding. As you watch the storm-surge animations, notice the effect that the physical geography of each coastline has on storm surge.

Biggest Earthquakes in History | Worst Earthquakes

Also, note the waves on top of the ocean's surface. Wind, waves, and sea-level rise all contribute to storm-surge damage.

Shallow-Water Coastline Deep-Water Coastline With technology the way it is, there are computer models that allow forecasters to predict the amount of storm surge that will affect a coastal area.

Then it calculates how much storm surge a hurricane will probably cause. When does hurricane season start? The Atlantic hurricane season is from June 1 to November 30, but most hurricanes occur during the fall months.

The Eastern Pacific hurricane season is from May 15 to November Below is a graphic that shows you when hurricanes are most active across parts of the world.

Seismic Monitor - Recent earthquakes on a world map and much more.

From totropical cyclones of the North Atlantic Ocean were identified by the phonetic alphabet Able-Baker-Charlie-etc. The rest of the world eventually caught on, and naming rights now go by the World Meteorological Organization, which uses different sets of names depending on the part of the world the storm is in.What Causes An Earthquake?

An Earthquake is a sudden tremor or movement of the earth's crust, which originates naturally at or below the surface. The word natural is important here, since it excludes shock waves caused by French nuclear tests, man made explosions and landslides caused by building work..

There are two main causes of earthquakes.

Nov 02,  · This may become a theme as this area of Anatolia has been subjected to many violent earthquakes and has been a hub of human civilization for many thousands of years. May 10,  · A dropping lava lake, hot rocks and molten magma are not a good combination -- explosions can result, throwing 8-ton lava bombs more than 1, feet, writes Einat Lev. The New Madrid Earthquakes took place between December and April along an active fault line that extends roughly from Marked Tree (Poinsett County) in a northeasterly direction, crossing several states for about miles. The earthquakes and aftershocks caused extensive damage throughout northeast Arkansas and southeast Missouri, altering the landscape, affecting settlement of .

An earthquake (also known as a quake, tremor or temblor) is the shaking of the surface of the Earth, resulting from the sudden release of energy in the Earth's lithosphere that creates seismic benjaminpohle.comuakes can range in size from those that are so weak that they cannot be felt to those violent enough to toss people around and destroy whole .

Chariot of Poseidon, Greco-Roman mosaic, Bardo National Museum POSEIDON was the Olympian god of the sea, earthquakes, floods, drought and horses.

The violent earthquakes

He was depicted as a mature man with a sturdy build and dark beard holding a trident (a three-pronged fisherman's spear). Objective: To find out why people live close to violent volcanoes.

The violent earthquakes

Task 1 - Click on the Google logo bottom left of the map and write out a description of the location of Mount must include the name of the island, the closest towns, the name of the country and the name of the continent. Task 2 - Click this link to see what Mount Etna is doing today!

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