The yin and yang of identity essay

Not entirely, of course, and obviously much less so sincebut it retains a certainly cultural autonomy. One way in which Hong Kong has continued traditional beliefs and practices that have faded on the mainland is the degree of dedication to the practices of feng shui. There are several reasons why Hong Kong has maintained such traditions. Some of these arise from the fact that islands tend to be both conservative and independent, holding to traditions as a strength.

The yin and yang of identity essay

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The yin and yang of identity essay

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In China, people are aware of the importance of believing in the yin and yang principles. The Encyclopedia of Sex and Gender states, the Chinese view yin and yang as opposites, where yin is dark and yang is light.

Cookie Usage Notification! Daoism, an ancient Chinese religion with later Buddhist influences that inspired some emulation in Japan and Korea, holds a middling position with respect to monastic ventures, lying somewhere between the powerfully antimonastic Confucian schools that always represented the official culture and mainstream of sophisticated… Daoist thought permeates Chinese cultureincluding many aspects not usually considered Daoist. In Chinese religion, the Daoist tradition—often serving as a link between the Confucian tradition and folk tradition—has generally been more popular and spontaneous than the official Confucian state cult and less diffuse and shapeless than folk religion.
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Related Questions It is the resting position, the position before any motion begins, a state of "grand emptiness. Our bodies are still, quiet, standing, motionless, and inside our hearts contract and relax, our blood moves up through arteries and veins, we breath in and out, our two feet and two arms help keep us in balance as we stand, our mind may be calm and focused but billions of neurons are quite busy in our brains creating that phenomenon we directly apprehend as our consciousness of standing quietly.

They are also known to be cool and warm, moist and dry, and decay and growth. The concept of Yin and Yang is an attribute of everything and every person.


Yin represents the higher principle and yang represents the lower principle. In the concepts of relativity and the identity of opposites they both say that not all dualities are opposites. However, despite these categorizations, the aspects of yin can be further subdivided into further scenarios of yin and yang, within aspects of yin and yang.

Therefore, it is crucial to note that each aspect is critical in defining the direction or alignment observed by proponents of each. For a good list of yin and yang classifications refer to the table at the end of this article. Macrobiotics is not as restrictive as some people believe.

The yin and yang of identity essay

The diet is composed of whole grains, vegetables (including a variety of sea vegetables), beans and bean products.