Writing a great technical resume

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Writing a great technical resume

By Tracy Cashman These ten tips can help tech professionals optimize their resumes in order to nab that great gig. Do you have a foolproof tip for a technical resume?

Let us know in the comments. Anything marketable about you should be in the top third of the resume. Make It an Appropriate Length The optimal length of the resume will depend on your experience.

Be concise and try to fit your resume into three pages. Need to cut down? Technical summaries are more helpful, because the first person reading your resume could be non-technical and only knowledgeable enough to look for keywords. However, there should not be a laundry list of every technology you have ever heard about.

Dates Matter Be clear about your dates of employment. Most companies want to see months, not just years — especially if you have some jumps or if you are currently unemployed i. Highlight Accomplishments, Not Just Job Functions The descriptions of your positions should ideally be a mix of a broad overview and specific accomplishments.

That way, recruiters will know what you did day-to-day, but also what effect your activities had on the overall company or department. Quality Writing Still Matters Long-winded paragraphs or bullets are mind numbing, but short choppy sentences can appear simplistic. The ideal resume should have a combination of short paragraphs and bullets — or even just bullets.

If you opt for bullets, combine related activities into one bullet where appropriate to save room.

Mistake #2: Resume Length

If you are having trouble coming up with action verbs, Thesaurus. The same applies for certifications — but if you have many, then it might consume too much space at the top.

writing a great technical resume

Assuming your resume has the experience to back up the certifications, your prospective employer will be intrigued enough to get to them at the end. However, you should exclude any activities that could be seen as overly political or offensive.

writing a great technical resume

However, you should not make yourself crazy writing a new resume for every position that comes up an especially tempting habit if you are unemployed.IT Resume Service writer Jennifer Hay provides technical resume writing services for information technology (IT) professionals and executives.

Resumes To You Professional Resume Services. Professional Resume Services Online, Resume Updates, Executive & Professional CV, LinkedIn Profile Creation, Selection Criteria Writing & Cover Letter Writing. Resume writing shouldn't be a guessing game. With proper formatting and strong keywords, better resumes dodge software filters and get read.

Resume writing shouldn't be a guessing game. With proper formatting and strong keywords, better resumes dodge software filters and get read.

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What is a Resume?

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A resume is a short document used to summarize a job seeker’s experience and qualifications for a prospective employer. A resume includes the job seeker’s contact information, work experience, education, and relevant skills in support of a job application.

To write a good resume, you need to have a certain level of art and technical writing experience. When these qualities are combined in the right proportions, you can prepare a document of a very high quality.

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