Writing a research briefing paper

Our analysis is based on a review of the literature, national datasets, survey data and analyses from other bodies, and data collected as part of our quarterly monitoring report survey. In addition, we have conducted new analyses of NHS provider board papers, annual reports and strategic plans. It is well established that the availability of robust data and national information on mental health services is limited and this means that quality of services cannot be definitively assessed.

Writing a research briefing paper

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It is hard to doubt the importance of writing a brief both for the agency and for yourself. Yet they take up precious time needed to get other things done and can appear to require you to give direction when it is direction you need. The benefits of writing a brief are not just in ensuring you get what you need but it also in speeding up the process.

For most research projects a brief should be brief and give only what is needed with subsequent conversations with the consultant filling any details feel are required to give you the best design, outcomes and service. Beyond getting what you need a well written brief an agency can get a proposal back to you faster, and increase both the speed and actionable results from the project.

When setting up an insights management system for clients or working on-site to manage projects for a client one of the first things I create is Market Research Brief Template to greatly reduce the time and effort for all involved. A template helps improve productivity for Insight Managers to engage with other stakeholders and where there is no insights manager a Market Research brief Template helps ensure their market research delivers actionable results.

By having a temple managers not use to doing research briefs are not faced with the things that scares even professional writers, a white screen for a blank piece of paper. Based on my experience as an Insight Manager pulling together simple and complex projects, and as a consultant responding to briefs, what follows is an outline of what your brief needs to cover, why and its suggested form.

At the end of this article is a copy of the template in PDF and Microsoft Word that you can download and that include content examples. A simple way of thinking about what to write in this section is in answering these two questions: What is the situation you are faced with? What is the complication that makes this project a necessity?

The Decision Context section serves two main roles. Firstly, it gives the project meaning. Having meaning is a powerful human motivator for those you hope to will commit time, costs and other resources to the project.

If the need for the project is challenged internally by others it also provides a clear reminder on why the business is investing in the project that senior management has signed off against. Detailed technical information like brand shares, media spend by media type is often best left to the appendix.

writing a research briefing paper

Writing the Decision Context can be one of the most time consuming parts of writing the brief and is often best left for the end so that it reflects the actual decision context. New to client consultants may need some broader information on your business which could also be addressed in a briefing meeting.

Business Objective What is the business using the information for?


Building from the Decision Context is the Business Objectives show what the insights and recommendations will be used to help the business. Understanding the business objective can affect fundamental design choices in the research. Tells the consultant the research will need to focus on understanding how to convert non-customers and that they will also need to factor in a total brand perspective in their design and analysis.

Not knowing the business objective can lead to market research or consultancy services that do not deliver actionable results. The Insight Objectives define the knowledge gap that needs to be filled in order for the business to make the right decisions for achieving its objective.

Ideally there should be three or fewer objectives needed to address the Business Objective. For projects that are part of a larger business activity, such as brand repositioning or the development and launch of a new product, it is also worth noting in the brief the stage that the research is focussed on.

A good consultant will also compare the Insight Objectives to the Business Objectives and Information Needs to help ensure you have the right framework in place. Information Needs If there are some specific questions you need answered, this is where you put it.

To remove duplication and to show how the information relates to your needs, I like to list information needs under their respective Insight Objective. This approach also clearly shows any scope drift, errors in your thinking, and how the insights build into the ultimate Business Objective.Quality academic help from professional paper & essay writing service.

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Instead of writing an page paper, however, this assignment reduces the requirement to 5 double-spaced pages of an executive briefing. This way you meet the research requirements but have a . Welcome to Our Free Site on Briefing Notes and Briefing Books.

Welcome to benjaminpohle.com This site is a free resource that serves all who prepare briefing notes and briefing books — briefings for anyone from colleagues and supervisors right up to senior executives and cabinet ministers.

What You Will Learn A Briefing Note Is Just a Series of Manageable Tasks. Some people write to put their thoughts on paper. Others write to discover what their thoughts are. David Ogilvy’s quote of “give me the freedom of a tight brief” is as true for market research briefs as it is for advertising. It is hard to doubt the importance of writing a brief both for the agency and for yourself. Automatic works cited and bibliography formatting for MLA, APA and Chicago/Turabian citation styles. Now supports 7th edition of MLA.
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