X ray screeners could see x rated x rays

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X ray screeners could see x rated x rays

Report My husband is retired from the airline industry, so I fly for free, and fly a lot. This trip was uneventful. The last two or three, not so much.


I was body-scanned at three different airports. The port didn't set off any bells and whistles, though, so I'm not sure what the deal was.

Both times, after I walked thru the scanner, I was told to proceed to the body scanner, plant my feet on a particular spot, raise my arms, etc.

I was then patted down by a female TSA agent. Maybe I just fit the profile for give-this-person-a-closer-look. At least I haven't been selected for a full-out body search yet. I have had to discard toothpaste the tube was over 3oz at one airport that made it thru just fine at my departure city.

Back in and the height of airline security, I had a TSA agent give me a "closer look", and this was pre-cancer, pre-port. When he asked, "Do I have permission to touch you? The guy ran his hand up under my blouse and "patted down" the area between my breasts and the waistband of my pants.

I vowed "never again" to that, but fortunately, they have since changed the rules so that only females can touch another female. The airline employees and TSA screeners do not make the rules. They are employed to enforce them.

I do not give these people a hard time because I would rather throw my stuff away than cause someone to lose their job. And taking a container larger than 3 oz of any liquid or semi-liquid substance on board a plane is a violation of TSA federal regulations.

That's why you can't take a half full 4 oz bottle of hand sanitizer in your carry-on bag. You can, however, carry as much liquid as you like in a checked bag.

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That's what I do. I bring back duty free liquor all the time for friends and relatives, but I pack it really snugly and check my bags.

X ray screeners could see x rated x rays

Any prescription or over-the-counter medication, breast milk or juice or baby food for infants, or liquid supplements etc used by passengers with a medical condition, including eyedrops and saline solution, are permitted in carry-on luggage as long as they are declared prior to screening.

The hair gel would most likely have met that criteria for a cancer patient, had there been better communication between the TSA agent and the passenger. It's really not an us-against-the-airlines thing. It's us against the crazies of this world who would happily blow you to kingdom come in a heartbeat, given half a chance.

I took a bottle of prescription pain-killers I just had port surgery 2 days prior into Mexico this past week and coming back into the US, I got hassled for them at the US border crossing. Never mind the fact that you can bring in VAST quantities of drugs from Mexico that are sold there over-the-counter.

They have never glanced twice at capsules of Tramadol, which is a script only pain reliever on the US side, but were all over my 15 Vicodin pills. The next day, I took the same pill bottle across and back with no problem whatsoever, because it was in my pocket, instead of the big "shopping bag" I had used the previous day.

I have so many bigger issues to focus on like staying alive. I'm not going to stress over the nail clippers I lost at O'Hare that flew undetected from DFW the same day, in the same bag. I used to take a stand on just about everything. I have finally learned not to sweat the small stuff.

And it's pretty much all small stuff, comparatively speaking.Sep 12,  · The Microwave Factor. Free Essay: In this article "Airport Screeners Could See X-rated X-ray's" Joe Sharkey tells us a little bit about a new airline security program.

Went in for X-rays, Jan 08, something is wrong, I could see something myself on the X-rays, Hillary NP told me she could see nothing wrong just some swelling, take tynol three times a day.

But she will send to a Radiologist to read it. Essay on X-Ray Screeners Could See X-Rated X-Rays Words | 3 Pages In this article "Airport Screeners Could See X-rated X-ray's" Joe Sharkey tells us a . May 27,  · Skip to comments.

Airport screeners could see X-rated X-rays NY times ^ | 5/24/05 | By Joe Sharkey Posted on 05/27/ AM PDT by finnman I am looking at a copy of an ad that ran in the back of comic books in the s and early s.

BEIJING (AP) — President Donald Trump is hiking the price of Chinese-made forklift trucks and X-ray machines for American buyers. They are part of a $50 billion list of Chinese exports targeted for a 25 percent tariff hike in response to complaints Beijing steals or .

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